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Acceptable Use Policy

Welcome to Majestic Liaisons Adult Chat Network

We wish your stay with us to be a pleasant one
to insure that that happens we have a few rules to follow :)

1. No Underage chatting:
This site was created by adults for adults
no matter how mature you think you are or your friends say you
are, if you are under 18 you aren't permitted to chat here.

2. No Pedophilia:
This is real simple
if the activity You seek whether it be a chat or pics swapping
involves children under 18 years of age, You WILL be removed
from the network, banned and reported to the authorities.

3. NO Flooding:
to send repetitive messages to a channel/person to either
disconnect them from the chat server, or to just ruin their
chat. This method is not only crude, but annoying, and will
be dealt with by removing the flooder from the network.

4. NO Harassment:
harassing a chatter will not be tolerated.
- No fighting in the main room
if You can't see eye to eye with another chatter, either
/ignore them or take it private, but anyone that refuses
to do so will be kicked from the channel/network, and
possibly banned if they return and refuse to stop.

5. NO Spamming:
No we don't mean the lunch meat either :p
Spamming is when a person/bot goes room to room, advertising
websites, networks, channels, and disrupting chat.
Spammers WILL be banned.

6. Bots
War Scripts / DCC Bots / Bot Nets etc are not allowed to connect.
other non illegal/destructive/disruptive bots are allowed.

7. Services Available to users:
NickServ ChanServ MemoServ HostServ
SeenServ ProfileServ WarServ (Game)
YahtzeeServ (Game) GamesServ (small games)
TriviaServ QuoteServ LimitServ PornServ
To list commands for each service "/msg help"
E.G. /msg HostServ help

8. VHosts:
HostServ is available for those who wish to hava a VHost,
instead of the default ip address masking in use.
If a Vhost is used, it will replace your IP address.
VHost Rules:
NO VHosts that look like a default IP address Mask
NO VHosts that include or look like web page addresses

9. Server Services Aliases :
/msg may be replaced by / for all Available
Services only E.G. /NickServ
Other Aliases Available
/ns = /msg NickServ /ms = /msg MemoServ
/cs = /msg ChanServ /hs = /msg HostServ
/ws = /msg WarServ /ys = /msg YahtzeeServ
/gs = /msg GamesServ
/seen = /msg SeenServ Seen
/seennick = /msg SeenServ SeenNick

10. Channels:
ALL rules stated above apply to ALL channels.
Some Channels may have extra rules on top of those stated above,
check the topics / entry messages etc for the channel specific rules.

11. Network Administation reserves the right to close any channel deemed
innappropriate and/or abusive with no prior warning.

12. Network Administation reserves the right to deny access to any user
it see's fit to deny access to with no prior warning.

That being said

sit back, fasten Your seat belts,
please return Your tray to the upright position,

let Your imagination take You to a world
where real life pressures can be forgotten

if only for just a little bit .. Enjoy! :)

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